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Generering av follikulogena mänskliga epithelala stamceller

Independently reviewed in 7 review(s). LGR5, also named as GPR49, GPR67 and HG38, belongs to the G-protein coupled receptor 1 family. It is an orphan receptor. LGR5 is a stem cell marker of the intestinal epithelium and the hair follicule. It is a target gene of Wnt signaling. Mouse Anti-Human Lgr5/GPR49 Monoclonal Antibody (Catalog # MAB8078) induces TOPflash activity in the HEK293 human embryonic kidney cell line stably expressing LGR5 in the presence of Wnt-3a, but in the absence of R-Spondins.

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Réactifs  Rabbit polyclonal anti-LGR5 antibody (STJ112563) is suitable for use in Western Blot and Immunofluorescence. LGR5 (GPR49 or GPR67) antibody is validated on mouse tissue and can be used for immunofluorescence labeling, IHC, or western blot. Antibody [ab75732] Anti-LGR5 antibody by Abcam. Overview. Catalog #, bs-1117R.

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If you continue, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies. Rabbit LGR5 Rabbit pAb (A10545), validaed in WB,, IHC,, IF and tested in Human,, Mouse,, Rat. 100% Guaranteed. ABclonal provides free trial antibodies for target Antibody information for antibodies HPA012530 used in analysis of ENSG00000139292 / LGR5 View specific protocols for Lgr5/GPR49 Antibody (NLS1236): Immunohistochemistry Protocol for GPR49/LGR5 Antibody (NLS1236) Find general support by application which include: protocols, troubleshooting, illustrated assays, videos and webinars. Immunohistochemistry-Paraffin EMD Millipore Mono- and Polyclonal Antibodies for the study of LGR5: R&D Systems Antibodies for LGR5 (Lgr5/GPR49) OriGene Antibodies for LGR5 OriGene Custom Antibody Services for LGR5; Novus Biologicals LGR5 Antibodies; Search for Antibodies for LGR5 at Abcam: Cloud-Clone Corp.

Immuno-fluorescerande märkning av mikrotubuli och - JoVE

Lgr5 antibody

Mouse monoclonal LGR5 antibody [OTI2A2].

Lgr5 antibody

Human LGR5 knockout HeLa cell lysate ab258028. Human LHB knockout HeLa cell  108010045030 monoclonal antibodies Proteins 0.000 claims description 9 2014-11-19, Genentech Inc, Anticuerpos anti-lgr5 e inmunoconjugados. LGR5 promotes tumorigenicity and invasion of glioblastoma stem-like cells and is a potential therapeutic target for a subset of glioblastoma patients2019Ingår i:  Human GPR49 / LGR5 Protein (Over-Expression Lysate Myc + DDK) · Human AGPAT9 / MAG1 Protein Antibodies · Assays · (Cell) Culture · Chemicals.
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Lgr5 antibody

On the basis of these attributes, we generated two LGR5-targeting antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) by tethering the tubulin-inhibiting cytotoxic drug monomethyl auristatin E to a highly specific anti-LGR5 mAb via a protease cleavable or noncleavable chemical linker and compared them in receptor binding, cell internalization, and cytotoxic efficacy in cancer cells. Here, we analyzed whether the Wnt target Lgr5, which has earlier been identified as a marker for murine intestinal stem cells, could potentially serve as a functional marker for CSCs.

Immunohistochemistry-Paraffin Rabbit Polyclonal LGR5 antibody.
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Leverantör: Antigen: LGR5 (leucine-rich repeat containing G protein-coupled receptor 5) Clonality:  METHODS: We stained BC (n = 401) and DCIS (n = 119) tissue microarrays with an antibody against LGR5. We examined an LGR5 knockdown ER- cell line  av C Hagerling · 2020 · Citerat av 1 — METHODS: We stained BC (n = 401) and DCIS (n = 119) tissue microarrays with an antibody against LGR5.

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from 101 clinically healthy individuals using multiplexed antibody assays. leads to increased Wnt activity, elevated LGR5 levels and enrichment of gene  13 nov. 2017 — f 1938.

FEX, GPR49, GPR67, HG38. 891 antibodies from 39 providers.