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Aerococcus urinae may cause urinary tract infections, bacteremia, and endocarditis. No standardized susceptibility test methods or interpretive criteria have been proposed for this organism. This study reports the MIC results for 128 A. urinae isolates tested by broth microdilution. The isolates had … Aerococcus urinae is a rare organism infrequently isolated from cultures. Mostly known to cause urinary tract infection, it can cause bacteremia leading to severe urosepsis and infective endocarditis. Embolization is frequently reported with Aerococcus urinae endocarditis (AUE); hence, the presentation is highly variable. Aerococcus urinae accounts for between 0.2% and 0.8% of positive urinary cultures, but up to 45% of positive cultures come from asymptomatic patients .

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positive for A. urinae and Escherichia coli. Aerococcus urinae is a Gram-positive, catalase-negative coc-cus that was first described in the 1990s as a causative organism of urinary tract infections (1). A. urinae levels of 0.3 to 0.8% in urine specimens are reported, with a preponderance in pa-tients with underlying urologic conditions (6, 8). Although the Aerococcus urinae is a member of the bacterial genus Aerococcus. The bacterium is a Gram-positive, catalase-negative coccus growing in clusters.

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Infective endocarditis should be suspected in all patients with Aerococcus bacteremia and urinary source is usually the source of bacteremia. Optimal treatment of A. urinae infective endocarditis is yet to be determined but a combination of Penicillin G and Gentamicin is most often used.

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Aerococcus urinae bacteremia

nov. J Gen Microbiol 1992; 138:401-405. Aerococccus urinae (AU) is a pathogen mainly identified in male urinary tract infections and responsible for bacteremia and endocarditis. To the best of our knowledge, there are only five patients with osteomyelitis due to AU described in the literature.

Aerococcus urinae bacteremia

Bakterien er også beskrevet som årsak til septikemi og endokarditt (4, 5). Det er flere arter i samme gruppe med klinisk relevans. Stomatococcus, Gemella og Aerococcus viridans forårsaker endokarditt, bakteriemi, meningitt og peritonitt. Fig. 1 Upper part of the figure shows a blood isolate of Aerococcus urinae grown for 24 h on blood agar in 5% CO 2. The small colonies with clear α-haemolysis can be seen. Lower part of the panel shows a blood isolate of Aerococcus sanguinicola grown on the same plate. The colonies are larger, whiter and the haemolysis is not as pronounced.
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Aerococcus urinae bacteremia

Magnus Rasmussen Aerococcus urinae och Aerococcus sanguinicola kan orsaka urinvägsinfektion  Risk for Endocarditis in Bacteremia With Streptococcus-Like Bacteria: A Identification of two abundant Aerococcus urinae cell wall-anchored proteins. 3502 dagar, Clinical and microbiological features of bacteremia with Aerococcus urinae. 3502 dagar, Value of (1-3)-β-D-glucan, Candida mannan and Candida  Aerococcus urinae.

Aerococcus urinae is a Gram-positive bacterium which can cause urinary tract infections (UTIs), bacteremia, and infective endocarditis (IE) [1–3].
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A population-based study of aerococcal bacteraemia in the

None of the patients had cardiac devices or were active intravenous drug users. In the last one to two decades additionally six species have been included in the genus: A. urinae (1992), Aerococcus christensenii (1999), Aerococcus urinae hominis (2001), A. sanguinicola (2001), Aerococcus urinaeequi (reclassification of Pediococcus urinae equi, 2005), Aerococcus suis (2007), and Aerococcus vaginalis (2014). Aerococcus urinae is a rare organism isolated from urine cultures. We present a case of an 80 year-old male with bladder cancer and multimorbidity who developed A. urinae infection. A. urinae may cause simple and complicated UTIs, bacteremia, and endocarditis in older adults with multimorbidity, chronic urinary retention, or indwelling catheters. Aerococcus urinae is a Gram-positive bacterium that can cause invasive infection, including infectious endocarditis (IE), mainly in older men.

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After the  urinae causes urinary tract infections; the other species, A. viridans, a gram- positive coccus considered a contaminant in cultures, has been associated with human  Dec 28, 2012 risk for bacteraemia with A. urinae but the prognosis of bacteraemia without IE is favourable.

Jacopo Guccione. 1, Sandra Nizza. 2, Karina Mallardo. 2, Antonietta Cantiello.