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Returned twice more after 1min Stop/starts. Did a 15min Stop/start. Message did not reappear. 2014-2019 Iveco Daily VI Oil Service Reset SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL - 2018-10-02 Electric failure.

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EDC stands for Electronic Diesel Control. If the warning light comes on in a Iveco Euro Cargo, it usually means you need to change the diesel filter. Zdravim vsechny *pa* obcas se mi rozsviti a blika kontrolka EDC a ojedinele mi na BC blikne chyba motoru c. 139. Nepozoruji pri tom zadne jine chovani pri jizde, ale nerad bych zanedbal neco duleziteho, co mi oddela neco na aute.

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Flashing EDC light on Iveco Page 2 Horse amp Hound. 016A injector control circuit failure 1 016B injector control circuit failure 1 016C limit torque drop in cylinder 1 016E minimum required number of injections is not satisfied 0171 Problem 1 injector control channel 0173 Fault Injector control channel 2 017C Controller: Malfunction channel (driver) 1 … Iveco Daily F1A Engine Troubleshooting and Repair Manual. Iveco Daily F1A Engine Troubleshooting and Repair Manual_5d8a7f764d90b9a95300089. Iveco - Daily During engine running, EDC 16 central unit performs some checks on electrical injectors minimum flow rate.

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Edc failure iveco

Also having problems with cold start. Edc light failure 149 on iveco daily van - Cars & Trucks. EDC - engine control unit malfunction/contaminated fuel filter - When the key is turned to position 2 the EDC lamp should light up.

Edc failure iveco

A 1minute Stop/start resulted in Engine failure 148 reappearing, flashing 4 times then disappearing. Returned twice more after 1min Stop/starts. Did a 15min Stop/start.
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Edc failure iveco

Check wiring.

112 Accelerator pedal position sensor circuit 1 malfunction. 113 Mismatch of brake switch signals and  ding original IVECO part.
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Verifying the completion of the last two freewheel. OBD monitoring is not possible. R1509: 3671: EDC failure when reading a non-volatile memory (EEPROM) Checking reading procedure. The checksum is not correct.

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Van started and ran for about 20 twenty seconds and then died with EDC warning light. Eventually needed to get van towed back home. The solution for this problem was The T(hrottle)V(alve)A(ctuator) back then.aka throttle body.New installed,problem solved.After a year it came up again,and IVECO EDC MS6.2 SW 5.X Control Unit DTC Flashing code - Indicator lamp EDC - Fault TRUCK.

In certain conditions (overrun: vehicle deceleration with pedal released) an flashing edc light on iveco horse amp hound.